Teton MTB Route

The new Teton Mountain Bike Route, linking up the best ridgetop riding and backcountry singletrack across the Bighole Mountains and the Palisades above the Teton Valley.

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Eastern Shoshone and Shoshone Bannock lands




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Stewarded by Mountain Bike the Tetons

Managed by the Caribou-Targhee and Bridger-Teton National Forests

* Following the bikepacking Roots rating scale

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Disclaimer: This route and associated information is just a starting point for your preparation, and your safety is your own responsibility. Although this route, its GPS track and waypoints, route data, and the route guide were prepared after extensive research, their accuracy and reliability are not guaranteed. Check for current conditions, route updates, detours, use common sense, obey local laws and regulations, and travel with alternative means of navigation. The Backcountry Bike Challenge and its creators and contributors will in no way be responsible for personal injury or damage to personal property arising in conjunction with following this route or utilizing any of the route resources provided on this website or via RWGPS.

General route description

The Teton MTB route connects a sequence trails along the rugged ridgeline around the Teton Valley, offering stunning views of the Teton Range, endless wildflowers, and world-class backcountry singletrack. From the northern zone of the Big Hole Mountains, the route heads southward along the Big Hole Crest and then across Pine Creek Pass. From there, the route follows the crest of the Palisades to the east, descending down Mosquito Creek on the Jackson Hole side of the Tetons. This route consists mostly of trails predominantly used by motos and horses. Expect challenging riding on rutted, rocky, fall line trail rather than buff, heavily ridden front country singletrack.The final few miles of the trail are on gravel and paved roads once you reach the end of the trail – these roads deliver you to the town of Wilson and the end of the route.

Photos by Kurt Refsnider

additional route information

  • Water is relatively scarce since much of this route is on ridgetops. You can find water at the beginning and end of the Big Hole Crest in Horseshoe Creek and Corral Creek, at the Rainey Creek Trailhead south of Pine Creek Pass, at a spring just before the junction with Pole Canyon trail, and once down in Mosquito Creek. There are waypoints/POIs for these water sources in the GPS data.
  • There is no potable water along the route, and be prepared to treat your water. Sheep are seasonally grazed across most of the route.
  • There are no additional services along the route until ending in the town of Wilson. Wilson offers a pub/bar, gourmet gas station, ice cream shop, cafe, and various other shops.
  • Virtually the entirety of this route is on public lands with the exception of the final few miles south of Wilson.
  • Scenic camping opportunities are abundant.
  • None of note for this route
  • This is grizzly bear habitat. Grizzlies have been encountered in the Big Holes and Palisades. Carry bear spray and hang your food well away from camp if bikepacking!
  • If you need to bail from the route, descend toward Teton Valley. Cell service is generally reliable while on ridgelines with views of the towns below.
  • These are multi-use trails. Bikes yield to horses and hikers. 

  • The START bus is a good option for getting a shuttle from the town of Wilson back to the Teton Valley. Buses are equipped with bike racks. The fare from Jackson to Teton Valley is $8.

  • The route is designed to be ridden from northwest to southeast, ending in Wilson.
  • You must ride 100% of the route in accordance with the FKT rules.

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